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       Advent Glass Works has provided complete stained glass services to the Southeastern
United States since 1974. We have provided our service for clients primarily in the
southeastern United States, however, we have completed commissions for new windows,
restoration services and repair services from San Juan, Puerto Rico to Cape May, New Jersey
and from Jacksonville, Florida to Beaumont, Texas.

       We offer a complete service including design, fabrication and installation of new windows
and the restoration and duplication of old windows. We employ internationally known artists
and designers of stained glass, in addition to our in house staff.

       We have the ability to accomplish museum quality restoration of historic painted windows
by Tiffany, LaFarge, Mayer, Armstrong and others. We have a national reputation for work of
this type and are one of very few studios in the southeastern United States with this ability.

The following is a partial list of our Clients and the type of work we performed for them:

      Holy Trinity Episcopal Church                        Gainesville, Florida      1977-8
            Complete restoration of twenty-three stained glass windows by the Jacoby Stained
            Glass Company of St. Louis in 1906.

      Church of Our Savior (Episcopal)                   Mandarin, Florida      1979
            Designed and fabricated one new Chancel Window (10' X 16').

      Congregation Beth Sholom                             Gulfport, Florida      1980
            Designed and fabricated two new stained glass windows.

      First Presbyterian Church                                Jacksonville, Florida      1981
            Stabilization of thirty stained glass windows and designed and fabricated one new

      St. John's Cathedral                                          Jacksonville, Florida      1983
            Restoration and/or repair of all stained glass in Cathedral, the Cloister and the
            Cummings Chapel.

      Taliaferro Hall at St. John's Cathedral            Jacksonville, Florida      1984
            Restoration, Repair and Replication of all forty zinc glass windows.

      Riverside Avenue Christian Church               Jacksonville, Florida      1984-7
            Designed and fabricated fourteen new windows to compliment in style, existing

      Mandarin Presbyterian Church                        Mandarin, Florida      1985-7
            Designed and fabricated seven new stained glass windows.

      First Presbyterian Church                                Jacksonville, Florida      1986
            Seven wooden frames and sash reconditioning and new protection glazing installed,
            including five large multi-lanceted windows.

      Temple Agudath Achim                                    Savannah, Georgia      1986
            Engineered and installed ventilated protective glazing system for two large
            (7'0" X 45'0") faceted stained glass windows.

      Veterans Administration Hospital                    Lake City, Florida      1986
            Designed and fabricated twelve (12) new stained glass windows for the Chapel. All
            windows are in light boxes with no natural lighting.

      St. George's Episcopal Church                         St. George Island, Florida      1988
            Conservation and restoration of fourteen stained glass windows and sash.

      St. Mark's Episcopal Church                              Jacksonville, Florida      1989
            Designed and fabricated four new stained glass windows for Leatherbury Hall.

      Lake Shore Presbyterian Church                     Jacksonville, Florida      1989
            Designed and fabricated fourteen new transom type stained glass symbol windows.

      Sacred Heart Catholic Church                           Pinellas Park, Florida      1990
            Fabricated and installed twenty-seven new stained glass windows designed by
            Maureen McGuire.

      Arlington United Methodist Church                  Jacksonville, Florida      1991
            Designed and fabricated twenty-three new faceted stained glass windows. One
            window was 15' wide by 47' tall and consisted of seventy-four panels.

      St. Peter's Episcopal Church                             Fernandina Beach, Florida      1991-2
            Complete restoration of thirty-two stained glass windows, including all wooden sash
            and jambs. New protection glazing provided.

      First United Methodist Church                          Gainesville, Florida      1991-2
            Designed and fabricated twenty new stained glass windows with new protection

      Trinity Parish Episcopal Church                       St. Augustine, Florida      1991-2
            Total restoration of twenty-nine windows including windows by Maitland Armstrong,
            Tiffany, Mayer, Rudy Bro, Payne, Burnham, Colgate and Jacoby. New protection
            glazing provided.

      Holy Trinity Episcopal Church                          Gainesville, Florida      1992
            Designed and fabricated one new three lanceted stained glass window for the
            Children's Chapel.

      Wesley United Methodist Church                     Gainesville, Florida      1992-4
            Designed and fabricated two faceted stained glass windows, each consisting of
            twelve panels.

      Edward Waters College                                     Jacksonville, Florida      1992
            Replication of eighty stained glass windows and provided new wooden sash.

      St. John's Episcopal Church                             Tallahassee, Florida      1993-4
            Restored twenty-eight stained glass windows and provided new protection glazing.

      First United Methodist Church                          Starke, Florida      1993-5
            Designed and fabricated twenty-seven new stained glass windows and provided
            protection glazing.

      St. Andrew's Episcopal Church                        Douglas, Georgia      1994-5
            Complete restoration and/or replication of seventeen severely fire damaged windows
            and designed and fabricated three new stained glass windows.

      Christ Episcopal Church                                    Monticello, Florida      1994-5
            Restoration and conservation of twenty stained glass windows and the wooden sash.

      First United Methodist Church                          Perry, Florida      1995-6
            Conservation and restoration service on sixty-nine stained glass windows and
            wooden sash. Also provided new protection glazing all windows.

      The Ringling Museum of Art "The Ca'd'zan"   Sarasota, Florida      1996-98
            Replication of one hundred thirty-nine windows using as much original glass as
            possible. Hand carved came to match original.

      St. George's Anglican Church                           Ocala, Florida      1996-present
            Design and fabrication of twenty-eight new stained glass windows.

      The First United Methodist Church                   Blackshear, Georgia      1997
            Removal and complete restoration of forty stained glass windows. Provided new
            aluminum frames and protection glazing. Also designed and fabricated seven new

      Westminster Presbyterian Church                   Gainesville, Florida      1997-8
            Complete restoration of four historic stained glass windows and designed and
            fabricated one new stained glass quatrefoil window.

      The First Baptist Church                                    Lake City, Florida      1998-2000
            Restoration of sixty stained glass windows.

      The First United Methodist Church                  Madison, Florida      1998-2000
            Complete restoration of seventy-two stained glass windows and provided new
            protection glazing.

      The First Baptist Church                                   Starke, Florida      1998-present
            Complete restoration of sixteen stained glass windows. Also provided new frames and
            protection glazing.

      Trinity United Methodist Church                      Gainesville, Florida      1998-9
            Removed, repaired and re-installed into new Sanctuary, one large
            (6' X 47") faceted stained glass window, including new aluminum frame.

      Saint Bartholomew's Episcopal Church          High Springs, Florida      1999
            Designed and fabricated one new stained glass gable or rose window.

      Bethlehem Baptist Church                                Lake City, Florida      1999
            Designed and fabricated eight stained glass windows with protection glazing.

      Tuskawilla United Methodist Church               Casselberry, Florida      1999
            Designed and fabricated two large (8' X 16') faceted stained glass windows with new
            aluminum frames.

      Grace United Methodist Church                       St. Augustine, Florida      1999
            Restoration of twenty-nine windows with new protection glazing and wooden sash
            repair and replication.

      Fort White United Methodist Church                Fort White, Florida      1999-2000
            Designed and fabricated three new stained glass windows.

      Mt. Beulah Baptist Church                                 Wellborn, Florida      2000-01
            Designed and fabricated ten new stained glass windows.

      St. Margaret's Episcopal Church                      Orange Park, Florida      2000-01
            Complete restoration and/or repair of fifteen stained glass windows including wooden
            sash restoration and new protection glazing.

      Pinewood Presbyterian Church                     Green Cove Springs, Florida    2000-01             Designed and fabricated one new window 6'0" X 13'0".

      St. Cyprian's Episcopal Church                       St. Augustine, Florida      2000-03
            Restoration of wooden sash and window jambs and replication of original stained
            glass windows.

      Congregation Ahavath Chesed                        Jacksonville, Florida      2001
            Designed and fabricated five new stained glass windows.

      First Baptist Church                                           Jesup, Georgia      2001-02
            Designed and fabricated three new stained glass windows.

      Memorial Presbyterian Church                        St. Augustine, Florida      2001-03
            Restoration of ninety-two stained glass windows and wooden sash.

This is a partial list. If you require a complete list we will be happy to provide it. The dollar value of these jobs range from $15,000 to in excess of $400,000. We do not disclose specific contract amounts in the interest of our clients' security and privacy.

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